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Fall 2022 PFO Interest Session: COVID-19 Public Health Considerations at GU - Shared screen with speaker view
Robyn Lupo
So I saw that GUSA voted against MASK mandate. Will this mask mandate be in effect or not?
gloria <glh1963@gmail.com>2:45 PM (2 hours ago)to meThe most recent CDC guidance for COVID-19 states “it’s not longer recommended to screen those without symptoms”, will GU revise the requirement for PCR test for new student?
Madhusudan KV-Zoom
Where can incoming students get a PCR test? On campus somewhere?
Madhusudan KV-Zoom
And how long will it take to get results of a PCR test?
Robert Moore III
If you live nearby, can the student come home vs. going to hotel?
Justine Adamski - LaCava, Jacobson & Goodis, P.A.
Is there a location on school my son can get a PCR test on campus? The only location I could find will charge us $250 for a rapid PCR test.
If student had COVID within last 3 months, is a photo of positive antigen test acceptable for not having arrival pcr test?
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
There are PCR tests available to students at no cost during regular business hours. They should register with OneMedical using the Georgetown-specific registration credentials, download the OneMedical app, and make their appointment to test in the Leavey Center.
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
More information available at: https://www.georgetown.edu/coronavirus/
Elizabeth Perkis
If a Covid positive student still tests positive on day 5 must they wait til full 10 days to be released or can they retest each day in isolation?
If students are isolating in the campus hotel or dorm, can they attend classes online via zoom or alternative?
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
PCR test results are very efficient; they are usually available within 24 hours, and often much quicker than that.
William Cole-French
My question relates to dormitory move-in this week: will parents be allowed to accompany children into the dorms? will we need to mask? will masks be available if we don't have any on hand?
Heather Ehrhart
If my child tested positive within the last 90 days, can they just upload a photo of their positive rapid antigen test?
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
Information about the COVID testing protocol for incoming new students can be found here: https://www.georgetown.edu/coronavirus/georgetown-university-covid-19-testing-protocol/
If a student tested positive in PCR last week, and has quarantined more than 5 days, and is consistently getting Negative in the At Home tests, can the student continue to move into the dorm, and is the mandatory for the student to again take PCR test since it’s a while for PCR to give negative result.
Paola Sada
Given that Covid reinfections can now happen much sooner than 90 days, why are you waiving testing for infections within 90 days?
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
Regarding students who test positive, here is the information from the policy: Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days should not take a return-to-campus test (and should report their previous positive result if the University does not already have a record of it). However, if new symptoms develop, please inform the Public Health team and follow their guidance.
Kevin Reilly
Return to Campus Testing - Two PCR tests? One within 48 hours of arrival on campus, and a second within 24 hours after arriving on campus? Thanks for the guidance!
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
The Public Health team can be reached at carenavigators@georgetown.edu
Erika Cohen-Derr (she/her)
Clarification on the return-to-campus testing: only ONE test is required, and it should be a PCR test taken sometime between 48 hours before and 24 hours after arriving to campus. Only one test is required.
William Cole-French
My question relates to dormitory move-in this week: will parents be allowed to accompany children into the dorms? will we need to mask? will masks be available if we don't have any on hand?
Madhusudan KV-Zoom
It is possible that the student may have had covid in the last 90 days but not tested.. or have proof of it/ What then?
Eric Tamm
Will siblings/friends be allowed to stay overnight in dorms if they are visiting a student?
Kathy Hamada
Are you requiring parents or family accompanying students for move in this week to test as well? If so, can we test on campus?
Elizabeth Perkis
If a student still tests positive on day 10 then what? Stay isolated or come out?
Mary Hickman-Kruszewski
If my child had covid at end of April / early May shoudl they still need a PCR test? I am worried about it showing she had it
Is antigen test also acceptable before move in?
Courtney Farrel
Where do students upload their pcr test results?
Paola Sada
This has been so very helpful. Thank you so much! You should be in charge of the CDC!
Dani Nisbet
Very helpful session. Thank you!
Renu Shembekar
Mary Hickman-Kruszewski