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The SSP Graduate Student Experience, Part I - Shared screen with speaker view
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
What kind of previous experience do you expect applicants to have?
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
Can anyone speak to the joint JD program?
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
1) Are there specific academic requirements (i.e. 1st Class/2:1)?2) For international students, do we have to provide any additional test results (e.g. GRE/LSAT/IELTS)? If so, is it possible to apply for waivers?3) Also, in terms of deferral policies, as well as merit-based scholarships/assistant apprenticeship, how does it work?4) Given my interest in international law, diplomacy, and global security (especially peacebuilding/cyber warfare/terrorism/humanitarian assistance), do you have any recommendations to offer?5) In light of COVID-19, will there be any changes to the entry requirements and delivery method?
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
6) Do you happen to know of any pathways into the UN, besides the Young Professionals Programme (YPP), the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme, as well as their internship programmes? Also, would you recommend that students build up experiences by working for NGOs or thinktanks first before entering the UN?*I am currently an Undergraduate MA (Hons) International Relations Graduate, from the University of Edinburgh
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
Would you say that students with families are supported through the program?
Diana Gluck
My question is for the current students: How did you find your first and/or current work experience in the field (on or off campus), and did the SSP program help you with this search?
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
I am an older student just graduated from UConn. Go Huskies!
Daniel Cebul
IN SHORT, if you are interested in being a TA or RA the best way is to let you professors know and they will look out for you!
Will Krieger
Can anyone speak to how the program changes if you are taking classes part-time while working full-time?
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
Yes, Payton for current JD students, please :)
Alan Franks
Are there any prerequisite classes we need to take?
Fiona O'Doherty
Do you feel that the program adequately prepared you for real world application? Are courses primarily theoretical, or are they more practical in nature?
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
I am due to take the LSAT in November. Do you guys prefer completed applications, in other words, can I submit my application materials before the LSAT?
Colson Palage
Do you offer financial aid? What is the average cost to the student for the program?
Hello! How are advisors and mentors assigned.
*.? are they matched or do students reach out?
Megan Johnson
What do you look for in the statement of purpose that can help an application stand out?
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
@Payton For further clarification to Q1, I am referring to the application process, like what is the minimum GPA score, for example
Robert Pinn
@Huey, I encourage you to take a look at our admitted student profiles for average GPA/GRE scores.
Robert Pinn
Payton Tanner
@Huey, the minimum GPA to get into the Graduate School at GU is a 3.0, but we review holistically!
Robert Pinn
The statistics below are intended for information only and should not be taken as minimum requirements for admission to SSP.
To the panelists: how would you describe the culture?
Megan Johnson
To the students: did any of you debate between the MSFS and the SSP? If so, why did you choose SSP?
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
@Payton Thanks for answering my questions. As an international student who studied in the UK, I am trying to work out the conversion
Dina Abi-Rached
@Payton, I would also be interested in learning more about the Joint JD program and appreciate any suggestions you can provide.
Robert Pinn
Graduate Career Center: https://sfsgcc.georgetown.edu/
Annalise Dressel
For current students, If you worked (either part time/full time) while in SSP, what was your experience with balancing work and classes?
Diana Gluck
@Daniel Thank you!
Erik Fliegauf
How do full-time students in SSP usually spend their days outside of evening classes—are they fully occupied by coursework, or are they working/interning? Thanks!
Thank you!!
Tamanna Garg
My interests are in the intersection of international relations/security and aerial weapons technologies (space, air, and defense). Could you speak more to what kind of classes I'd be able to take, opportunities I could avail to further that in the grad program?
Megan Johnson
Thank you!
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
What does the CyberCorps™ Scholarship for Service Program pathway look like in the Security Studies Program?
Daniel Cebul
Hint Hint: Dr. Roberts is a great mentor!
Robert Pinn
Katie Garay is a recent SSP alum and now an FSO — read more about her experience here: https://css.georgetown.edu/profile/katie-garay-ssp-19/
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
@Robert Thanks for sharing the link. I am trying to work out the conversion, as an international student who studied in the UK.
Alan Franks
I'm split between which concentration to choose. How flexible is SSP with changing concentrations from application to starting classes?
Jasmine Moheb
A bit of a specific question - as you are entering work in security fields, are you typically applying for jobs during your 1st year of the Master’s program because of how long the TS clearance might take? Or do you wait until you complete/are nearing the end of SSP
Megan Johnson
How to foreign language skills play into the SSP degree?
Diana Gluck
@Annika is that intelligence career fair you mentioned typically on campus / specific to SSP? I have seen a more general one advertised but that is good to know if it is one specifically geared towards SSP/Georgetown students@Annika and thank you for your answer!
Fiona O'Doherty
I know classes are offered at night, but as a part-time student, are you limited in your choice of classes? Are enough classes offered in the evening to meet the requirements for part-time students?
Fiona O'Doherty
I guess better wording would be: will I be missing out on interesting classes as a part-time student?
Jheel Patel
Since most SSP classes are in the evening and students have different goals and might have other internships/jobs going on, how do y'all facilitate peer-to-peer learning/networking with your program cohort (outside of classroom discussion)?
Annika Kastetter
@Diana It might be a little different this year because it’s online, but last year it was specifically for the School of Foreign Service. The Career Center also has recruiters from the IC come to SSP to meet with students, so that’s another great opportunity!
Diana Gluck
@Annika thank you!
Huey Uven Amelea Chua
Adding to Megan's question, what is the difference between the Graduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies/SSP/MSFS?
Megan Johnson
Based on what you have experienced so far, would I get more out of the program waiting until in person classes can resume? Is anything important being lost in the transition to online due to COVID?
Austin Tuell
Are you seeing more emphasis placed on using innovative research techniques/methods in the classroom - data analysis/data visualization, statistical software, open intel, open data analysis?
Megan Johnson
Thank you!
Tamanna Garg
Thank you!
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
Does Georgetown have set plans for fall 2021 in terms of online courses? Isn't it too early?
Elizabeth Mejia Castro
Did either of you come from out of state? How difficult was the transition to DC?
Erik Fliegauf
The IC career fair sounds great. Can you tell us a bit more about Georgetown’s career connections to the federal government? Is it possible to leverage the Georgetown alumni network? Thanks.
Daniel Hurley
What does the required four-hour examination students take during their last semester cover?
Kat Yampolsky
How different / is it different for international students to make the most of the alumni network?
Megan Johnson
How large is the average class size?
Daniel Cebul
Please feel free to email me with any other questions. happy to set up a zoom or phone call drc88@georgetown.edu
Robert Pinn
Upcoming admissions events: https://css.georgetown.edu/admissions/connect/
Robert Pinn
Monday, August 17, 4:00 PM EDT: Alumni Chat with Paul Kemppainen, SSP ’13Join the SSP Admissions Team and alum Paul Kemppainen (SSP ’13) to learn more about the program and life at Georgetown. Paul currently works at SpaceX in California, and previously served as a military officer and a Secret Service Agent at the CIA. Paul offers insightful advice to careers as a modern day security professional, and how SSP helped him grow in the field.Friday, August 21, 9:00 AM EDT: SSP Leadership Coffee ChatStart off your morning with our program leaders, Dr. Keir Lieber, Director, and Dr. Rebecca Patterson, Associate Director. You will learn more about SSP and participate in a Q&A session.
Annika Kastetter
My email is aak158@georgetown.edu. Please reach out if you have any questions!
Diana Gluck
@Robert Are there plans to offer more admissions events outside of the 9-5 workday for those of us working full-time? I have noticed that many if not all are during the weekdays.