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Affordable Housing in DC During (and after) the Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
James Benton
Kalmanovitz Initiative — lwp.georgetown.edu
James Benton
Georgetown Global Cities Initiative: globalcities.georgetown.edu
James Benton
New Social Compact: lwp.georgetown.edu/new-social-compact/
Marcie Cohen
How many vacant units exist in DC…and can the city quick take title and dispose of the property to low/moderate income families who are prequalified for financing the renovation. thee appear to be many empty, boarded up houses and multi unit buildings….this is a question for Andrew
1 Karen Ashikeh
Could low cost and subsidized rental units be "time limited" for a say 5 year period: to encourage development and finances for safe housing for workers and allow them to save. Can City programs take active parts in collective development of intentional housing projects. assisted by City Planners and by leasing City and County lands ( for 100 year periods) paid "lease" as part of the ongoing owner fees, to secure ownership over time? Can reducing or waiving building fees to include COSTS of City permits and city and county fees as part of the lease from city, over time. Can there be use of funding for collective ownership housing and can there be assist for loans from Cities, Unions and financial institutions?
Mindy Reiser
Mr. Trueblood == an issue unaddressed is the different approaches toward the care of shared housing in apartment buildings when people of very different backgrounds are brought together under different programs. It is not simply bringing people in to new and better housing -- it is how that housing and fellow tenants will be treated. What thougths do you have on addressing this concern?
Brian McCabe
Shayna Lonoaea-Alexander
Go Miles!!!
Shayna Lonoaea-Alexander
DC's housing crisis demands more than the status quo. Don't let another 50,000 units slip through the cracks of our largest housing program. Join us in the fight to reclaim rent control.https://actionnetwork.org/forms/reclaim-rent-control
Shayna Lonoaea-Alexander
Nick Stabile
What do the panelists think of the idea of a rental registry that would require landlords to register their properties and units with the DC government? This could provide more timely data on renters, rental prices, and landlords that could help with intervening with renters at risk of eviction, enforcing rent control and building code regulations, getting rental relief out more quickly, and tracking changes in rent across the District
Shayna Lonoaea-Alexander
The current rent control law covers only about 90,000 households in DC and has several glaring loopholes that easily allow landlords to raise rents to market rate. The Reclaim Rent Control platform is comprehensive in its scope and has three main goals:+ expand rent control to protect more tenants+ close loopholes in the existing law to stop the loss of affordable housing+ keep rent-controlled housing affordable for current tenants
1 Karen Ashikeh
Miles H - Do you support government subsidies for rent-controlled units to bring rents to market value for limited periods to allow development of ownership options?
Candace Lilyquist
Is this work connected to the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) and their activism for low income housing?
Stephanye White
Hello,Can you repeat the housing programs for rental assistance
Miles Holloman
Under a stable plan I think that is an aggressive approach to bring people to a level stage in life. Yeah, I support subsides.
Jayme Epstein (she/her)
Mr. Trueblood, what can be done beyond IZ and PUDs to accomplish what Ms. Forester is suggesting, especially in Ward 3?
Nelly Agbayani
Can someone please address how the pandemic has not only exacerbated the health industry (and thus mental health professionals) but how it might affect (or, indeed, has affected) the rise of domestic violence which then complicates and impacts an increase in evictions? DC Government and Landlord Tenant Courts
Hello Everyone,My name is David/ DFJones/ DF. I passed the Quadel Exam this summer and currently attend UMGC. My double major is in Business and Finance. ore pandemic I worked for Reed Smith LLP, which afforded me the opportunity to meet Olivia Shay-Byrne. I am excited to be on this journey with section 42. Thank you so much for the invite. - DF
1 Karen Ashikeh
Question: How can planning occur for high-rise units to be homes for families, owned by families and even extended, multi-generational families? Can planned development of unused office and commercial space in older buildings or former government buildings provide some options?
League of Women Voters DC
Are there any challenges for housing in DC that are exacerbated by our lack of Full Rights, ie Statehood?
Angele W.
I totally agree with Ms. Dyana Forester! One of the basic problems that has persisted through the City Planning Office and the District Government is the determination of MEDIAN INCOME by Ward and by neighborhood. This is one of the key reasons when it is said that DC has affordable housing AVAILABLE, it really is NOT AFFORDABLE--because the determination of what is the MEDIAN LEVEL OF INCOME does NOT look at the populous, but rather on the people who are making very very high incomes compared to the residents who do work blue collar and middle income jobs in the same Ward, neighborhood.
Angele W.
Point well spoken Ms. Forester!
Joseph McCartin
Great points, Dyana. If the workers whose labor makes it possible can’t afford to live decently in it, it’s not a city it’s a fiefdom.
Dyana Forester
thank you all
Angele W.
Like that medieval reference! :)
Jorge Castaneda
Thank you
Joseph McCartin
Great discussion!