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State of the Field: Charting a Collective Agenda for Gender and Climate Security Research - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Grosman Fernandez
Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security gender-climate-fragility work: https://giwps.georgetown.edu/priority/environment-and-climate-change/
Jennifer Grosman Fernandez
Gender-Climate-Security Nexus brief with maps and graphics: https://bit.ly/BCSCGIWPS
Everlyne Nairesiae
Thanks Cate for sharing the work done by IUCN and would appreciate to access the report on the study and more so the indicators for measuring the nexus between the three elements - gender, climate and security. thanks so much
Cate Owren, IUCN (she/her)
Thank you, Everlyne, for your interest! Here is the “Triple Nexus” report with the indicators framework: https://genderandenvironment.org/triple-nexus/
Everlyne - UN-Habitat, GLTN
Thanks Cate, much appreciated
Everlyne - UN-Habitat, GLTN
Thanks Mayesha. In view of access to land also mentioned by other speakers,, the UN-Habitat, GLTN and UN agencies developed a: Guidance note of the Secretary General: The United Nations and Land and Conflict - can be accessed here: https://gltn.net/2019/03/15/guidance-note-of-the-secretary-general-the-united-nations-and-land-and-conflict-march-2019/ It is an interesting note but can benefit more if linked to gender, climate and security.
Camille Marquette
Thanks Elizabeth for your last point! At International Alert, we also encourage a wider understanding of gender through an intersectional and relational lens
Pascaline Gaborit
Dear panellists, Thank you very much for a very interesting and insightful exchange. There is indeed a real need for evidence based research on the nexus Gender Climate and Security. the current context makes field research a bit difficult though. How do you solve this? I am also sharing a call for contributions for a collective book on climate adaptation and conflicts (in case). The deadline has been extended. I look forward to urther exchanges. https://www.pilot4dev.com/images/docs/Call_for_contributions_for_a_joint_publication_on_Climate_Adaptation_and_Resilience.pdf Best
It is interesting
Jennifer Grosman Fernandez
Thank you everyone for joining us! As a reminder, you may post any questions for the speakers in the chat box for the following question & answer round.
Molly Kellogg
Here's a link to the gender, natural resources, climate and peace knowledge platform Marisa just referred to: https://www.gender-nr-peace.org/
Lorenzo Angelini (EPLO)
Many thanks for these insightful interventions. Angie, Hannah and other speakers have highlighted the importance of integrated and intersectional conflict analysis integrating gender analysis and climate change considerations, to inform engagements. On this, I wanted to ask the speakers if they had examples of publicly-available conflict analysis frameworks/guidelines that adequately integrating gender and climate change. Thanks a lot!
Molly Kellogg
Super amazing panel! Thank you for those excellent remarks. I have one question (building on Cate's "all hands on deck" comment): how can we -- as a research community -- better coordinate our efforts to address the research needs and data gaps? Do any specific concrete ideas come to mind (e.g. a specific research working group or community of practice)? Thank you!
Everlyne - UN-Habitat, GLTN
I appreciate all speakers for sharing their knowledge and work with us. My question: what do you see as opportunities and challenges to profile gender-climate and security nexus and accelerate action in the implementation of NAPs, NDCs and other national efforts? what do we need to do differently?
Everlyne - UN-Habitat, GLTN
I cannot agree more with you Angie, well said.
Carolina Matamoros
Since it can be exacerbated by the multiple levels (local, regional, national,etc) and sections (gender, climate, conclict). How to avoid paralysis by analysis?
Hannah Kurnoth
More information About the Climate Security Expert Network, which I addressed earlier can be found here: https://www.climate-security-expert-network.org/experts
Camille Marquette
Thanks to all speakers!
Jennifer Grosman Fernandez
Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security gender-climate-fragility work: https://giwps.georgetown.edu/priority/environment-and-climate-change/
Thank you to the speakers and coordinators.
Everlyne - UN-Habitat, GLTN
Thanks Jessica and all speakers
Molly Kellogg
Thank you everyone!