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Information Session: Master of Law & Technology for Non-Lawyers - Shared screen with speaker view
Oltac Unsal
is it not possible to remedy the requirements for bar exam by adding other classes/credits to the study?
Caryn Voland
Oltac, if you have a law degree from outside the US, then you would apply to the LLM program rather than this program.
Ahmed Al-jaaidi
Can I apply for this program if I want join for the Spring term or fall in 2021 ?
Caryn Voland
Ahmed, we are accepting applications now for Fall 2021, not for Spring.
Albertha Dita
Hi Caryn, I am a law gradute from outside the US. Why does the LLM program suit me better than this program?
Ahmed Al-jaaidi
Sounds good, If I have a masters degree LLM from Penn State and I want to complete SJD with this program Is that possible ?
Caryn Voland
This program is designed for individuals who do not have a law degree. If you are interested in law and technology and you already have a law degree from either outside or inside the US, then you should apply to the LL.M. program in Tech Law & Policy,, through which you can take many of the same classes that students in this program will be taking.
Caryn Voland
The SJD is separate from this program. If you are interested in applying to the SJD program, you could, however, propose a dissertation topic related to law & tech. Visit our website for SJD application info or email us at lawllmadmis@georgetown.edu
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
Thanks, Caryn, for the answer about people with a law degree. That was a question I had as well.
Albertha Dita
Ach so. Thanks, Caryn.
Grant Versfeld
That was helpful, thanks for sharing Dan!
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
Thank you for clarifying the difference between the LLM and MLT. This will be helpful when talking about this with my Michigan State Law students.
Dan Kinney
Yeah Michigan! I'm currently attending remotely from Michigan.
Lucas Cardiell (European University Institute)
Can you please talk about tuition fees for non-US based applicants.
Dan Kinney
Currently Zooming in from Royal Oak, MI (just north of Detroit)
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
@Dan - I'm in Ann Arbor
Paul Ohm
Thanks for joining us @Dennis! I’m happy to chat more about this later if you have questions for us
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
@Paul and @Jennifer - I'm a GULC alum and the current Interim Director at MSU's Center for Law, Technology & Innovation. Would definitely like chat and compare notes. I'm guessing some MSU law grads will find this appealing and some with a tech background might actually prefer the MLT to finishing their JD program.
Paul Ohm
@Dennis I’ll shoot you an email to coordinate our schedules.
Tammie Josifovic
I have to jump off for another meeting. Thank you for hosting this. I look forward to hearing more
Paul Ohm
Thanks Tammie!
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
Dennis Kennedy - Michigan State U College of Law
I took the first ever Computers & Law class at GULC in 1982
Albertha Dita
Will take a closer look at LLM in Tech Law and Policy then. Thank you for hosting this, everyone.
Grant Versfeld
What types of assistance of Georgetown offer to help students pay for the MLT program? I worry about taking on substantial student loans for a graduate degree given the state of things today
Caryn Voland
Caryn Voland
for any questions
Lucas Cardiell (European University Institute)
I'm doing my Ph.D. on social robots and their impacts on human rights (right to privacy and others). Does the Program include courses or seminars related to this topic?
Grant Versfeld
I am an undergraduate senior majoring in Computer Science & Science, Technology, and Society. I focus on public interest cybersecurity and am looking to get a deeper understanding of law. This summer I interned at the Center for Democracy and Technology where I worked on their antitrust project.
Paul Ohm
Our curriculum guide: https://curriculum.law.georgetown.edu/course-search/
Grant Versfeld
She did mention that! That’s partly why I was so excited to learn more about the program
Grant Versfeld
That’s good to know, thank you Jennifer!
Paul Ohm
My email is ohm@georgetown.edu. Happy to follow up with anybody who wants to chat.
jiaming zheng
I obtained a bachelor of law degree outside the U.S. I guess I didn’t read the program description on the school website carefully enough. I will take LLM information session tomorrow. Thank everyone for the presentation though! It is very interesting and informative.
Jennifer Sturiale
Grant Versfeld
Thank you very much for hosting this session