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New Social Compact: Immigration Policy for 2021 and Beyond - Shared screen with speaker view
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1 Karen Ashikeh
Do you believe that we could have a significant labor needs if current plans for rebuilding, organic farming, increased help for populations, health and social support needs will occur? Should training options be available to all qualified and able immigrants here and outside the USA, that includes stipends and support services for health and housing needs?
Debbie Goldman
The Obama Administration made the judgment that they could only get immigration reform through if they simultaneously demonstrated enforcement through deportations.
1 Karen Ashikeh
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Debbie Goldman
didn't get to the question. Now we see Republicans and anti-immigrant forces using the "crisis at the border" to mobilize politically against the Biden Administration. Given the politics, what should the Biden Administration do in terms of the number of people who are crossing the southern border?
Adam Shah (he/him)
Thanks to all the panelists: Does thinking about immigration as part of a New Social Compact for working people as opposed to solely as a siloed human rights issue make a difference for countering some of the nativist arguments against immigration and immigrants?
Veronica Martinez-Matsuda, vm248 (she, her, hers)
I appreciated Saket’s comment about previous hesitation to put “worker identity” at the center. But, related to Marielena’s point about a continued pathway to citizenship, how do we avoid binding these policies to worker productivity? Where people are only deserving if they’re productive?
Michael Golash
What do you think about "open borders" as a solution to immigration?
1 Karen Ashikeh
Related to Michael Golash question- Should multiple and computer-based USA immigration request centers be made available in various nations, to identify those with US needed skills or abilities. Recall that "citizenship" was promised to those who serve in the Military, in the past. Should "student" or "essential worker" status be granted as a special status as a high priority for citizenship. Established businesses and work records in the USA should count toward this status for those who have been here, for years?
Michael Golash
Are long term vision is that workers have no borders
Laine Romero-Alston, OSF, she/her/hers
Given immigrants (including immigrant workers) are mobile (between countries) and capital/corporations or global (could give a hoot about national boundaries), yet mostly our strategies and institutions have largely been limited to thinking within the US borders/boundaries, how are you thinking about transnational strategies, capacities and approaches? Marielena, you mention the right to work (including in home countries), how do we connect decent work agenda in Central America (or where ever) tightly to our campaigns for immigrants and workers rights in the US? Do you feel like that agenda is clearly articulated and part of advocacy vis a vis the USG, but across key migration corridors?
Laine Romero-Alston, OSF, she/her/hers
(and regional/trans-regional economies)
Michael Golash
Saket open borders is extending the rights of the rich to all workers
Juan Belman Guerrero
New Social Compact Schedule: https://lwp.georgetown.edu/constructing-a-new-social-compact-full-schedule/
Reva Resstack
Global Skills Partnerships work to improve both the right to move+work and right to stay+work, as could be funded by USG and international orgs (Transnational New Social Compact panel on Saturday). More info here: https://www.cgdev.org/page/global-skill-partnerships
Marielena Hincapie (ella/she)
Great comments & question @Laine. Our Five Freedoms recognize that transnational organizing and collaboration. More to discuss! Here's the info on the Immigrant Movement Visioning Process: https://www.imvp.org/
Sukari Pinnock
Grassroots organizing is the key. It may take a partnership between a new labor organization and an existing labor organization, but workers united are workers empowered.
Gabriela Lemus
Brilliant. Thank you.
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Sukari Pinnock
Jaida Forbes
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Kathy Martinez (she/her)
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1 Karen Ashikeh
Thanks to all participants and Organizers
Debbie Goldman
thanks. great panel - learned alot