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Claytia Gonsalves Alumna Chat (Georgetown) - Shared screen with speaker view
Bailey Holtz
Can you talk a little about how you got this latest role? How did you end up at Disney? How did you end up in animation? Thanks, Claytia!
Emma Chuck
I would enjoy hearing about what a writer’s room looks like and how you developed your own voice/work! Thanks for talking to us :-)
geritza carrasco
Hi Claytia, thank you so much for speaking with us! I was wondering if you could tell us about your experience as a woman of color making your way up the industry ladder?
Ashley Wagner
(Not a question) Just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us! I have to leave early for an appointment, but will look forward to watching the rest in the recording!
Emma Chuck
Also the writing process !
Bailey Holtz
Did you know that you always wanted to get into animation? I’m really interested in animation but I hear there are challenges in that genre (I think lower pay maybe and it’s harder to move out of animation if you want to later…?). Do you have any thoughts on that? Sorry that’s kind of vague!
geritza carrasco
That was suuuuch a refreshing response, thank you!
Bailey Holtz
Thank you SO much! That was so, so helpful!
Max Paley
Thank you!!!
Emma Chuck
Thank you!!
geritza carrasco
Thank you so much!