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Building the Next Economy - Shared screen with speaker view
Greta de Jong
Do you have trouble getting banks to loan money to co-ops? What are your main sources of credit?
Patrick Dixon
Are workers in the co-op protected from liability against litigation and bankruptcy?
Erik Forman
Yes, same limited liability as any corporation
From a union member… What has the response been to the rideshare co-op model from union leadership? Have you seen any pushback fearing co-ops could pose a risk to the power/growth potential of labor unions?
Thank you both!
Mellissa Chang
CDFis play an important role in addressing market failures created by banks, but after 2008 we see banks making less of a direct effort to fix those market failures and instead just providing capital to CDFIs to help the communities they don’t want to serve. How can the labor movement continue to meet the financial needs of our community without letting banks escape accountability? And how do we decrease our reliance on big banks as a source of capital?
Martha, She|They
Interesting and impressive community/labor alignments. Thanks for the presentations. Are there women centered issues / address gender inequalities that you all are working on or are budding that have had a/will have a social impact and are now seen ripe in this political moment?
Absolutely. Our intent moving forward I to engage with MWBE's in the contracting process and all of our CWE based workforce development services we seek to redress the imbalance in male dominated industries. Lastly, all union work guarantees pay equity.
Ken Homan (he/him)
Before I forget, here is a link to the schedule for this afternoon's sessions. We'd love to have you there! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1euNfOMv5YBi12lUYbSeiE4KcIaew30O0hXrXTv2RkiA/edit
Matt Harkins
I know it's about to end. But I just want to say thanks Mr. Walcott for taking on the cable companies.
Thank you for the great session - we appreciated it here in DC very much! We are going to a protest/May Day March this afternoon so we won’t see anyone later this afternoon - stay safe, be well, and do good!
Greta de Jong
Great panel everyone! I feel so encouraged and inspired. Please pass my thanks on to Alissa for leaving Uber and using her powers for good :)
David Pabon (People's Choice Comm)
Thank you everyone for joining
Martha, She|They
and thinking about equity standards and investors role in that. thanks all