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New Social Compact: Social Protection and Global Resilience - Shared screen with speaker view
Roy Jaggers
What do y’all think about the philosophy of self defense through training in T’ai Chi or or styles of Martial Arts in public schools? Or allowing Martial Arts practitioners the ability to live a comfortable wage?
1 Karen Ashikeh
Questions: When I ask these questions about USA military training options that will provide centers for training and sharing of technology internationally, using people TRAINED by our USA Military but who are no longer serving in our Armed Services. USA has military bases in many nations that could be used as Centers for training and technology. These should be a safe space for learning and sharing technology and health or other training. Should US Military Budget go for these Centers and move away from military use?
Claude Fontheim, Fontheim International, LLC
These slides are great. Would it be possible to share these slides and others?
Morgan, Sarah
Here's the ILO's World Social Protection Database: https://www.social-protection.org/gimi/WSPDB.action?id=32
Jen Bognar- Solidarity Center
Really helpful data. Thank you for sharing
adriana paz
wow Isabel this felt like great social inequality class!! Please share your presentation
Cathy Feingold
Here is the ITUC study https://www.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/investments_in_social_protection_and_their_impacts_on_economic_growth.pdf
Guillermo Zuccotti
Bravo Isabel. You included very important inputs for Developing countries for being consider for the economic international forums
Isabel Ortiz
Hi everybody! Here the main references of my presentation:ILO Social Protection Monitor (accessed April 2021).ILO (2017), World Social Protection Report 2017-19, Geneva.Ortiz and Cummins (2021) Global Austerity Alert: Looming budget cuts in 2021-25 and alternative pathways. IPD Global Social Justice, ITUC, PSI, AWC, BWP and TWN.Ortiz, Chowdhury, Duran Valverde, Muzaffar, Urban (2019): Handbook on Fiscal Space for Social Protection: Assessing Financing Options, Geneva and New York: ILO and UNWOMEN
Isabel Ortiz
Thanks/Gracias Cathy, Juan, Guillermo, Jan...
Evelyn Astor (ITUC)
And here is also the report in Spanish and French:FR https://www.ituc-csi.org/un-nouveau-contrat-social-un?lang=frES https://www.ituc-csi.org/new-social-contract-ituc-report
1 Karen Ashikeh
Question for Mr. Manzi- How does land use and land ownership impact economies of many previously colonized African nations? Would plans for redistribution of land into grassroots population-owned farms as viable resources for farming, food supply and borrowing and taxing for social protections on a community basis? Should land access again be the basis of wealth in Africa as it is in most of the world?
Evelyn Astor (ITUC)
There are two interpreters speaking at the same time
Guillermo Zuccotti
A comment for all of you. Days ago we were able to hear President Biden's speech in front of the US Congress. Beyond the political limits that a speech has, do you think that his consideration of social protection policies can influence the G20 and G7 to leave the fiscal austerity policies ?
Cathy Feingold
We will open up for questions after Adriana's presentation. Please put any questions in the chat.
Fernanda Valienti - IDWF Program Officer
Great, dear colleague Adriana. You represent the DW movement amazingly! Proud of you
Cathy Feingold
Anyone involved in joining US global social protection coalition email Cathy Feingold cfeingold@aflcio.org
adriana paz
here is the IDWF study impact of domestic workers in Latin America in Spanish, English and Portugues https://idwfed.org/en/resources/strong-and-united-facing-up-to-the-pandemic-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-domestic-workers-in-latin-america
Cathy Feingold
#noausterity to mobilize against austerity
Evelyn Astor (ITUC)
This is the joint letter by the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors, a coalition of 200 trade unions, civil society organisations and academics, to G20 sherpas on a global fund: http://www.socialprotectionfloorscoalition.org/civil-society-call/
Guillermo Zuccotti
Other Question for the panelists. Do you think that continuing to use the indicator "middle-income countries" is misleading when considering social protection needs? Debt crises, devaluation impositions make the situation change very quickly in our countries
Karen, you are right about the land issue and the challenges inherited from colonial era in terms of sharing, what I know is that most countries are reforming land policy and a big part will be use more in agriculture.Africa Union has set up a continental policy on investment in agriculture, Almost all the countries are aligned on it.The land is not only a question of sovereignty but currently also an economic issue, the fact that situation that a big part of population of rural areas they will benefits and can contribute on economic growth and sustain social protection system. If some of multinational companies wich have not a good background can’t interfered