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By the Workers, For the Workers - Shared screen with speaker view
Lane Windham
Here's the schedule and links to all events: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1euNfOMv5YBi12lUYbSeiE4KcIaew30O0hXrXTv2RkiA/edit?usp=sharing
1 Karen Ashikeh
Francisco Question: Would Ghent systems allow workers to "sidestep: issues of immigration status and use those Union systems for full unemployment benefits?
1 Karen Ashikeh
Could those systems also provide health Insurance?
1 Karen Ashikeh
Mr. Dray's recommendations would be very helpful in Healthcare Industry and Health Insurance Industry which now used TEMP services to fill many Professional roles and lowers wages and benefits for workers and reduces the power of these skilled workers. This impact healthcare, significantly with non-permanent workers that should be permanent.
Knut Panknin, FES
Happy May Day! Thank you, Prof. Dray. Could you address what incentives companies might have to broaden benefits through CSR when it means cuts in their profits? For example, in the US we have seen companies using savings through tax cuts being used for dividend payments, not increased salaries for workers or increased other worker benefits (healthcare etc.).
1 Karen Ashikeh
Stephen Silva's issues would also benefit the USA healthcare system with MDs and Nurses on Boards of hospitals and Insurance companies. These should be for Public health (science) representations for public health good. Do changes under bills for health and public health as part of national corporate charter.
George Tyler
Thank you Dr. Silva. Codetermination goes directly to the fundamental issue of who sets corporate policies. Is codetermination the reason that workforce skill levels in BLER nations exceed the US - that median wages of noncollege workers are higher than in the US - and labor force participation for noncollege workers about 10 percentage points above the US (pre covid, in any event)?
1 Karen Ashikeh
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Chris Rhomberg
On unemployment insurance, can you talk about any existing examples in the US? e.g. film industry and actors, with residual payments and benefit programs co-administered with management.
Knut Panknin, FES
Thank you!
Marley Weiss, Maryland
I can speak to the UAW SUB pay history if you would like
Carter Wright
I saw a news story about Florida UI meltdown during COVID that quoted a GOP operative bragging that the system worked the way they wanted to: “We wanted it to be hard to get unemployment benefits.”
Carter Wright
Thanks Chris and Marley for background on UAW and SAG systems — super interesting
Marley Weiss, Maryland
The universal Social Security systems are in conformity with the ILO declarations and conventions, which the US is definitely NOT in conformity with
Mindy Reiser
Could speakers comment about support for caregivers to parents, children, the ailing -- work done without any remuneration.
1 Karen Ashikeh
The vast majority of hospitals and Health Insurance companies are profit-making Corporations,. They are NOT Non-profits, including those owned by churches and religious-based organizations or charities.
Marley Weiss, Maryland
In U.S. terms, a single integrated government-run system, incorporating retirement, disability (in US partially covered by Soc. Sec.), plus health care, plus unemployment insurance plus workers’ comp-type disability.
Lane Windham
Stay tuned at 1:45 for sessions on rideshare drivers, worker-driven social responsibility, queering social reproduction and a workshop on democratizing budgets. Closing at 3:30 with Mary Kay Henry, Lauren Jacobs, Rev. Alvin Herring, Tom Kochan and Ruth Milkman. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1euNfOMv5YBi12lUYbSeiE4KcIaew30O0hXrXTv2RkiA/edit?usp=sharing
Knut Panknin, FES
Obrigado and thank you
Lola Loustaunau (she/they)
thank you!